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The Company

Venture Homes, Inc. is a privately held company, founded in 1984, and based in Marietta, Georgia. It is metro Atlanta’s 13th-largest homebuilder, and to date is the first recipient of the J.D. Power Award for Customer Satisfaction in the Atlanta market.

Story Ideas

Reporters and editors seeking sources on the following topics can contact Linda Bridges to arrange interviews with key executives and specialists with the company:

  • Home building
  • Metro Atlanta’s housing market
  • Housing trends
  • Architectural design
  • Inner-city, suburban and exburban growth trends
  • Modern construction techniques
  • Developing a customer-focused business
  • Corporate culture
  • Home financing and mortgage rates
  • Design
  • Land development issues
  • “Greenspace” and tree-saving eco-friendly building techniques

Press Contact

Venture Homes has a great story to tell, and members of the media seeking information on the company or other aspects of the home building industry should contact:

Linda Bridges, VP Sales and Marketing
445 Franklin Gateway
Marietta, GA 30067
Direct: 770.955.8300 ext. 159
Fax: 770.955.6373

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